Stalker Media hits the RUNWAY at MSFW :D

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello Hello !!

This week is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2010 and last night I arrived in Melbourne straight off the airport runway and down to Melbourne Town Hall MSFW Runway ! I arrived at Melbourne town hall with one of my glamorous friends dressed in style and ready to sit down and check out the Show 2 in the “Designer Series” for this years spring collection, sitting front row and centre we sat ready to view was to come our way for Spring Fashions 2010 !!

The designers included ( In alphabetical order)

Arthur Galan AG with boy male and female collection but the male collection was jaw dropping with styled blazers and putting and ultra modern spin on the mens wear for spring and also I must mention the shoes that the guys had on… gotta get me a pair of them !

Akira is next and last night when his collection came out on stage it absolutely lit up the room with the massive patterns and bright colours and big bold outfits including “Kimono coats” but it was all about patterns for this asian inspired designer who put his collection together like gorgeous detailed pieces of origami…. weird but wonderful.

Aurelio Costarella the next designer on the list and wow this was an absolute show stopper, this collection was gorgeous and classy fit for any A-Lister. The pieces that really stood out to me in this collection were the detailed modern take on everybody fav LBD (Little Black Dress) with gorgeous detailing to make it very spring and all that more gorgeous. His collection would be perfect for any woman looking to turn heads at any big event.

Next for something different was Christine who had some of the most stand out accessories and millinery that could take on one of the worlds best Philip Treacy, Her head pieces bags and other bold accessories took to the runway and had people thinking about which one they loved most for a promising Melbourne Cup outfit that would have you strutting your stuff to the Fashion’s on the Field tent for sure !!

A massive crowd fav is next with Collette Dinnigean now this had people on the edge of their seats wanting to see what she had in store for this spring and she did not disappoint with some spring floral prints and flowing silk dresses that would be perfect for any spring outing, also for those looking for something a bit more red carpet their was a good selection of evening wear one that caught my eye was a ‘Silk Satin Draped Shoulder Gown’ in a beautiful brown pearl colour. So her collection def lived up to the high expectations.

Gwendolyn was another designer she came out with some beautiful delicate fabrics and stunning bridal and evening wear with almost every piece in the collection fit for a queen or a bride for her dream wedding !

Lisa Ho another designer that the fashionista’s in the audience were dying to see and when it hit the runway it blew my mind one dress in particular a midnight blue/black one shoulder full length dress that was absolutely stunning some other pieces from the collection that really caught my eye had to be the silk mesh tops and the silk washer pants that with perfect for the spring business woman.

Thurley hit the runway next and it came with style and sass !! One of my favourite pieces from this collection was the wing tipped shoulder dress which had a gorgeous colour palette which was also seen in a couple of other gorgeous pieces in the collection also some of the bold spring colour gowns that hit the runway through this collection were outstanding and had detailing to die for !

Megan Park was up next and she brought a selection of some crazy prints and pretty designs, I felt she brought the cuteness back into spring with a touch of vintage 😀

Last but not least was Yeojin Bae now if you are a business woman in OZ get yourself onto this designer because when this collection hit the runway it was POWER PLAY all the way with strong ‘Cigarette pant and Crepe Tuxedo Jacket’ which would be perfect for those strong business women of OZ, however if you still love to look stylish and powerful but love your dresses she had two personal fav’s of mine which were the “Two tone shift dress” and the ‘Riley Silk Magyar Tunic Dress’ in a gorgeous royal blue.

Each designer brought a absolutely stunning collection to the runway and I loved every second of it with a beautiful set up in Melbourne Town Hall and stand out Aussie models and designer’s !!

Ill have more on MSFW soon…check out their website below





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