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Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s that time That time of year when the fashionistas and socialites of Melbourne, Australia and overseas come out in force to check the forecast for what is going to be HOT HOT HOT for the season ahead. Every year Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival gets bigger and better with new designers, new ideas and new looks as well as keeping the best of the years that have gone, This year has done that and much much more bringing Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to the forefront in fashion events in Australia and even the world. This years LMFF was kick started with one of the biggest fashion shows that Australia has seen in a long time “Fashion Full Stop – A Decade of Fashion” It was held on Monday at the Melbourne Convention and exhibition Centre.

The Night had a lot of focus on it during the marketing of the festival, it was said to be the event that would blow everyone’s mind with a mix of fashion music and dance. I was given the chance to head along to the evening and I was very excited as I had heard and seen a lot about the creation of the event with a lot of the hype surrounding LMFF new Creative Director – Grant Pearce, he had been involved with the festival in past years but this was his first in the role of Creative Director. In his first year he wanted to come in with a bang and get really creative and make a change within the Festival “For my first year as Creative Director of this Festival I really wanted to celebrate the innovative and creative pulse of Australian fashion, from the 1960s to the present” said Pearce in a public address. Walking into the pre event area for Fashion Full Stop you could see that Pearce and the team at LMFF had gone bigger and better than ever before making it very classy glam event but also giving the everyday person so much to do as well with stalls from Sportsgirl, Loreal, David Jones and much more.

After finding my way through the arena a looking at what was on offer I made my way in and it was time for the main event to begin, the runway and stage was MASSIVE and the huge convention centre was packed from the balcony to the floor, then BAM lights went out and Guy Sebastian opened the evening along with him were a crew of dancer who defs brought sexy back with their moves !! The first musical number was ut of the way then it jumped straight into the fashion, the way it was done was breath-taking and so very clever with each section taking you back 10 years and showing you how a certain genre in fashion had developed over the last decade, they included Denim, Menswear, Swimwear, Racewear, Bridal, Underwear and much more. Each number had a great music track with it and a fantastic dance number to open and close the models, the whole night was put together so well and blew the socks off everyone who was there, I’m sure this event will be the one that will not be quickly forgotten as Grant Pearce and his team at LMFF did an AMARZING job. I look forward to letting you know about more of the events that I have both been to and am going to over this week in the next day or two !! For more info on LMFF go to AMARZING !!!!!


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