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The Countdown is on – It is only a few short hours till the 2011 Splendour in the Grass ticket go on sale for everyone to snatch up !!

Now in a perfect world everyone who wanted a ticket would get a ticket however that is not the case and only a 30,000 tickets will be set out to the public.

STALKERmedia is going to be along for the SPLENDOUR ride again this year and to kick it all off we are going to give you ticket hunters a few tips that we have heard around the place about the best way to get your tickets for this years SITG.

Tickets will be going on sale at 9AM sharp – THURSDAY MAY 5. (EST) – SO SET YOUR ALARM EXTRA EARLY READY TO GO !

You can ONLY buy tickets through – either online or over the phone – 1300 GET TIX (438 849)

Ticket prices are as follows – make sure your bank account is cashed up –

NON-CAMPING – $406.55 – (including booking fees and carbon offset)

CAMPING – $528.65 – (including booking fees and carbon offset)

Create an account asap with all your details on . This will save you precious seconds on the morning during the crazy rush to get tickets.

Each person can buy four tickets. I would get all my mates and have a Splendour ticket buying Party – All of you get online and try to get through the queue. Even if you end up buying too many tickets, you can resell them  (see next tip)

Splendour have a resell facility so there’s always a chance you could snap up a ticket from some crazy party person who has double booked and has had to give up their ticket. The tickets will be sold through moshtix from the morning of May 26th. There’ll be an initial rush of sellers, and then sellers can continue to post their tickets up until July 25th. So make sure that you keep checking back.

FINAL TIP… don’t be too upset if you don’t get a ticket because STALKERmedia is going to be bringing you all of the hot stuff prior to SITG and whilst we are there, so hopefully you will feel like you are then in spirit with STALKER !!

Keep us updated on our FB page on how you went with getting tickets –


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