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Every year the second and third year Musical Theatre students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts burst onto the stage ready to perform the annual mid year musical, they do this with the assistance of  the amazing teaching staff as well as other students from within the music, production and design courses.

Over the last three years WAAPA have rolled out a theme within all the mid year productions with – “42nd Street” “Anything Goes” and now “Crazy For You” all tounge in cheek humor with plenty of showgirls and tap dancing that make the show go POP !

This years graduating students are full of talent as always continuing the tradition of WAAPA producing some of the hottest Australian talent year after year, the 3rd year (graduating) students took out the main roles while the second year students did an amazing job through out the ensemble.

The Artistic/Production team did an amazing job of casting and pulling together an amazing show with the standout cast, Crispin Taylor(Director), Jenny Lynnd (Choreographer) and David King(Musical Director) all having a great list of accomplishments within the industry including all having been together as a creative team for about 10 years and successfully producing knock out shows and passing on vital tips and tricks to the stars of the future at WAAPA.

As mentioned earlier I felt that all of the cast did an amazing job however some of the third year students absolutely blew me away and left me speechless with their talent.

One of the opening numbers “Cant Be Bothered Now” left me speechless and ready to just dive into the rest of the show and not wanting it  to finish, Tom Handley in the lead role of Bobby Child takes to the stage with a smooth sounding voice but even better dancing. He taps his way solo until accompanied by the dream girls who join in with Tom however the power and fluidity of his dancing leave everyone else on the stage for dead and this continues throughout the whole show with it not just stopping at tapping talent either but going right across other styles of dance as well including a gorgeous heartwarming duo with Hollie James in the female lead of Polly Baker who you instantly fall in love with, she shines on stage not only with her gorgeous beauty but with her triple threat skills that blow you away.

Some fantastic laughs are created through out the show via the “Cowboy Trio” played by the talented Mark Storm, Josh Stent and Kazim Kane the do a fantastic job of opening the 2nd half of the show with “The Real American Folk Song”. Holly Meegan is unforgettable in the roles of Mrs Lottie Child and Rose, she is an absolute fire cracker on stage.

Another standout during the show especially within the dancing numbers would have to Sophie Wright who played the role of Mitzi and was also within the creative team as the female Dance Captain.

All in all the second and third year Musical Theatre student did an outstanding job and continued the well deserved history that WAAPA has developed of building the next generation of Australian performers.

You would be CRAZY not to go see the show at least once (I know ill be going again) showing at the Regal Theatre in Perth, it’s already started and it closes this Saturday 18th June. Do not miss out on being able to see the stars of the future….NOW !

For tickets and more info got to –

Enjoy the Show 🙂


PS. stay tuned for later on in the week when I have a chat to a couple of the third year students about life at WAAPA,Crazy For You and what is in their sights for the future.


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