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Ok so the kick off for the 2011 Splendour in the Grass is only 14 sleeps away….WOW !!!

So it is only fitting that we start the “STALKERmedia Splendid Stuff”  for now it will hopefully get you PUMPED and PREPARED for three huge days of Splendour action kicking off on the 29th of July :0

So much has happened over the last month with the sell out of camping tickets and only a few event tickets left, stage/artist timetable been sent out and most exciting for me was getting my tickets the other day WAHOOO !!!

So much news is coming out from every angle a great issue from Jmag with a double cover (Kanye and The Grates) jam-packed full of great artist info and the who’s who of this years SITG as well as the code to get a great pre-SITG playlist (I have been playing it non stop) !

Now coming up over the weekend is going to be mega planning sesh to decide a plan for SITG2011 – camping arrangement, travel(ROAD TRIP!), must take items and the best part getting together your SITG wardrobe filled  with the hottest festival fashion…stay tuned for my next post all about what I am packing 😉

Make sure if whilst getting all your stuff pre organised and you have a question head to they have a great Q and A section – used it the other day to find out the size of the camp site per group and also vehicle situation.

Keep your eyes on and our fb – and Tweets – @STALKERmedia !!

I’ll have Splendid Stuff coming at you left right and centre 🙂





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Every year the second and third year Musical Theatre students from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts burst onto the stage ready to perform the annual mid year musical, they do this with the assistance of  the amazing teaching staff as well as other students from within the music, production and design courses.

Over the last three years WAAPA have rolled out a theme within all the mid year productions with – “42nd Street” “Anything Goes” and now “Crazy For You” all tounge in cheek humor with plenty of showgirls and tap dancing that make the show go POP !

This years graduating students are full of talent as always continuing the tradition of WAAPA producing some of the hottest Australian talent year after year, the 3rd year (graduating) students took out the main roles while the second year students did an amazing job through out the ensemble.

The Artistic/Production team did an amazing job of casting and pulling together an amazing show with the standout cast, Crispin Taylor(Director), Jenny Lynnd (Choreographer) and David King(Musical Director) all having a great list of accomplishments within the industry including all having been together as a creative team for about 10 years and successfully producing knock out shows and passing on vital tips and tricks to the stars of the future at WAAPA.

As mentioned earlier I felt that all of the cast did an amazing job however some of the third year students absolutely blew me away and left me speechless with their talent.

One of the opening numbers “Cant Be Bothered Now” left me speechless and ready to just dive into the rest of the show and not wanting it  to finish, Tom Handley in the lead role of Bobby Child takes to the stage with a smooth sounding voice but even better dancing. He taps his way solo until accompanied by the dream girls who join in with Tom however the power and fluidity of his dancing leave everyone else on the stage for dead and this continues throughout the whole show with it not just stopping at tapping talent either but going right across other styles of dance as well including a gorgeous heartwarming duo with Hollie James in the female lead of Polly Baker who you instantly fall in love with, she shines on stage not only with her gorgeous beauty but with her triple threat skills that blow you away.

Some fantastic laughs are created through out the show via the “Cowboy Trio” played by the talented Mark Storm, Josh Stent and Kazim Kane the do a fantastic job of opening the 2nd half of the show with “The Real American Folk Song”. Holly Meegan is unforgettable in the roles of Mrs Lottie Child and Rose, she is an absolute fire cracker on stage.

Another standout during the show especially within the dancing numbers would have to Sophie Wright who played the role of Mitzi and was also within the creative team as the female Dance Captain.

All in all the second and third year Musical Theatre student did an outstanding job and continued the well deserved history that WAAPA has developed of building the next generation of Australian performers.

You would be CRAZY not to go see the show at least once (I know ill be going again) showing at the Regal Theatre in Perth, it’s already started and it closes this Saturday 18th June. Do not miss out on being able to see the stars of the future….NOW !

For tickets and more info got to –

Enjoy the Show 🙂


PS. stay tuned for later on in the week when I have a chat to a couple of the third year students about life at WAAPA,Crazy For You and what is in their sights for the future.

Currently the Melbourne Theatre Company is presenting an award-winning dramatic rock musical “Next To Normal” at the Playhouse (Arts Centre) in Melbourne. STALKERmedia was lucky enough to be able to attend the show last week, contrary to the tittle of the musical the performance from start to finish was far from normal it was emotionally breathtaking.
Next To Normal was written by American playwright and theatre director Brian Yorkey  and music by American composer, conductor, orchestrator and musician Tom Kitt,  The broadway production was awarded the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 3 Tony Awards including Best Musical, Best Original Score and Best Sound Design. The Melbourne Theatre Company has defiantly  done this new age musical justice.
The show stopping musical surrounds Diana Goodman (Kate Kendall) a Mother who is struggling with worsening bipolar disorder and the effects that are continually getting in the way of a normal suburban life. Diana and her troubles are only the start of what ends up being an emotional rollercoaster ride that sucks you in on multiple levels with each character.
A young and talented cast play out  the rest of the characters which you are bound to relate to in different ways during the show, the family is made up of Dan Goodman (Matt Hetherington) the father who simply wants to be their for his family whilst helping his wife in her stages of troubles, Natalie Goodman(Christy Sullivan) the daughter who is stuck in her own world  not knowing what to do and is a bit of a freak, Gabe Goodman (Gareth Keegan) is very much a mummy’s boy and in ways can do no wrong and joining the families story along the way is Dr Madden(Bert LaBonte) and Henry(Benjamin Hoetjes).
The show is mostly sung and is full of emotion you can guarantee that you will leave the theatre not only wanting to see it again but with the feeling of connection with a character or sceneario that was played out during the show.
The creative  team made up of the following  –
Director – Bean Bryant
Musical Director – Mathew Frank
Choreographer – Andrew Hallisworth
Set Designer – Richard Roberts
all did a fantastic job of putting the whole show together, one standout for me was the set which had things coming on and off stage – upstage, downstage, left, right and on multiple levels gave that something extra to the show.
In regards to musical numbers to watch out for leaving me absolutely breathless – opening number “Just Another Day” was a perfect start to the show really setting the benchmark for what was to come, “I Miss The Mountains” was another stand out sung  by Diana (Kate Kendall) and is a beautifully inspiration song and was very well done by Kate Kendall and also “Superboy and the Invisible Girl” a song between Natalie(Christy Sullivan), Diana(Kate Kendall) and Gabe(Gareth Keegan) will also leave you with a tear two along with the finale by the whole cast “Light” which left most of the audience on their feet in applause !
In regards to stand out performances it would had to have been Gareth Keegan in his role of Gabe his duets with the other cast members and his jaw dropping solos gave me goosebumps and he played the role perfectly. However the star in my eyes and the person that stole the show would have to be by a mile Benjamin Hoetjes in the role of Henry, fresh talent right out of Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts he left me absolutely lost for words and taken back by his talent each time he stepped on the stage and giving the performance of the night in “Perfect For You” not only with his acting skills but his singing and committment to the role of Henry.
The whole performance is an absolute standout and a must see. If you have not already seen it then you MUST MUST grab a group of friends and go along.On  the 4th of June at the Playhouse at the Arts Centre the show will be closing, for tickets and more information about this show and the Melbourne Theatre Company –
Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing show STALKERmedia has already got tickets to go see it again and we hope to see you there. Also stay tuned for our feature on the Melbourne Theatre Company and Profile story on Benjamin Hoetjes.


The Countdown is on – It is only a few short hours till the 2011 Splendour in the Grass ticket go on sale for everyone to snatch up !!

Now in a perfect world everyone who wanted a ticket would get a ticket however that is not the case and only a 30,000 tickets will be set out to the public.

STALKERmedia is going to be along for the SPLENDOUR ride again this year and to kick it all off we are going to give you ticket hunters a few tips that we have heard around the place about the best way to get your tickets for this years SITG.

Tickets will be going on sale at 9AM sharp – THURSDAY MAY 5. (EST) – SO SET YOUR ALARM EXTRA EARLY READY TO GO !

You can ONLY buy tickets through – either online or over the phone – 1300 GET TIX (438 849)

Ticket prices are as follows – make sure your bank account is cashed up –

NON-CAMPING – $406.55 – (including booking fees and carbon offset)

CAMPING – $528.65 – (including booking fees and carbon offset)

Create an account asap with all your details on . This will save you precious seconds on the morning during the crazy rush to get tickets.

Each person can buy four tickets. I would get all my mates and have a Splendour ticket buying Party – All of you get online and try to get through the queue. Even if you end up buying too many tickets, you can resell them  (see next tip)

Splendour have a resell facility so there’s always a chance you could snap up a ticket from some crazy party person who has double booked and has had to give up their ticket. The tickets will be sold through moshtix from the morning of May 26th. There’ll be an initial rush of sellers, and then sellers can continue to post their tickets up until July 25th. So make sure that you keep checking back.

FINAL TIP… don’t be too upset if you don’t get a ticket because STALKERmedia is going to be bringing you all of the hot stuff prior to SITG and whilst we are there, so hopefully you will feel like you are then in spirit with STALKER !!

Keep us updated on our FB page on how you went with getting tickets –


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Secret Saturday Night Style !

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  • an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living: to live in style.
  • a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness.On Saturday night I had the great pleasure of being able to attend the hottest night in town, the boys from “People Australia” Fashion Label put on a exclusive party to promote their brand at Secret Garden Bar in St Kilda (Melbourne). The night featured a guest list that any party host would kill for and the perfect setting.

    As you walked into the party you could feel the style just ooze all over your body – the girls dressed in sexy numbers and heels to kill, matched in with one-off clutches and vintage necklaces. But unlike other party’s the style did not stop with the girls it actually got better with the boys showing off some of the killer pieces from the “People Australia” collection including their print tee’s with graphics that stand out with individuality more so than any other, denim pants & vest that made heads turn and probably some of the best flanny style shirts out !!

    If the sexy stylish crowd wasnt enough than the constant drinks and the exclusive DJ set from smash hit Aussie band – AMY MEREDITH would have sent you over the edge.

    It was a night to remember and a brand that we need to constantly keep our eye on !

    I’ll have a profile coming up very soon on the four boys from “People Australia” and more about the brand and what they have in the pipelines.

    AMARZING!? – yes this was

    – See in next post some of the STYLE that went on in the HOT photos taken by Cris Cardona on the night. –

Previous Post – LMFF

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It’s that time That time of year when the fashionistas and socialites of Melbourne, Australia and overseas come out in force to check the forecast for what is going to be HOT HOT HOT for the season ahead. Every year Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival gets bigger and better with new designers, new ideas and new looks as well as keeping the best of the years that have gone, This year has done that and much much more bringing Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival to the forefront in fashion events in Australia and even the world. This years LMFF was kick started with one of the biggest fashion shows that Australia has seen in a long time “Fashion Full Stop – A Decade of Fashion” It was held on Monday at the Melbourne Convention and exhibition Centre.

The Night had a lot of focus on it during the marketing of the festival, it was said to be the event that would blow everyone’s mind with a mix of fashion music and dance. I was given the chance to head along to the evening and I was very excited as I had heard and seen a lot about the creation of the event with a lot of the hype surrounding LMFF new Creative Director – Grant Pearce, he had been involved with the festival in past years but this was his first in the role of Creative Director. In his first year he wanted to come in with a bang and get really creative and make a change within the Festival “For my first year as Creative Director of this Festival I really wanted to celebrate the innovative and creative pulse of Australian fashion, from the 1960s to the present” said Pearce in a public address. Walking into the pre event area for Fashion Full Stop you could see that Pearce and the team at LMFF had gone bigger and better than ever before making it very classy glam event but also giving the everyday person so much to do as well with stalls from Sportsgirl, Loreal, David Jones and much more.

After finding my way through the arena a looking at what was on offer I made my way in and it was time for the main event to begin, the runway and stage was MASSIVE and the huge convention centre was packed from the balcony to the floor, then BAM lights went out and Guy Sebastian opened the evening along with him were a crew of dancer who defs brought sexy back with their moves !! The first musical number was ut of the way then it jumped straight into the fashion, the way it was done was breath-taking and so very clever with each section taking you back 10 years and showing you how a certain genre in fashion had developed over the last decade, they included Denim, Menswear, Swimwear, Racewear, Bridal, Underwear and much more. Each number had a great music track with it and a fantastic dance number to open and close the models, the whole night was put together so well and blew the socks off everyone who was there, I’m sure this event will be the one that will not be quickly forgotten as Grant Pearce and his team at LMFF did an AMARZING job. I look forward to letting you know about more of the events that I have both been to and am going to over this week in the next day or two !! For more info on LMFF go to AMARZING !!!!!